200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Led By: Raechel Morrow and Betsy Rosenbrook

2021 Training Dates: January 16, 17/February 7,21/March 13,14/April 16, 17, 18 (retreat weekend)/May 9, 23.

Online meeting 6:00-8:00 Jan. 27 /Feb. 17 / March 3,17 / April 7 / May 5

The Body Mind Being Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program provides a comprehensive education in Hatha yoga teaching, which includes all eight limbs of yoga.  It is accredited by Yoga Alliance and our school is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT). This program will prepare you to offer a life-changing and deeply empowering instruction with skills to facilitate group sessions using our ten themes of transformation. Our program is for practitioners serious about initiating change in their life and in the world.

Our program is in alignment with the latest studies in neuroscience and the mind-body connection. When we practice focusing our attention on the breath and internal bodily sensations, it changes our brain, strengthening the experiential attention neural pathway. In this way, perceptual experiences are heightened and it becomes easier for us to access these pathways as we integrate this attention to internal experience into our daily lives. 

Our yoga teacher training is rooted in embodiment and empowerment. Our graduates are yoga educators, facilitators of a process rather than a prescription. We believe each person knows what is most appropriate and help people draw out what is already inside. We want to help people become genuine, empowered, embodied and live in their true nature. Because of this our training includes curriculum in inclusivity.

The foundation of our program is meant to guide you toward facilitating an intentional, transformational and mindful yoga practice that fosters a deeper connection to the subtle body. You can either begin a therapeutic yoga practice or add to your existing professional qualifications. If you are already a mental health or wellness professional, you will gain an understanding of how to integrate this proven, mind-body, yoga-based process with your clientele.

Our teacher training uniquely includes  Trauma-Informed training.  This certification is not found at any other local yoga teacher training. These protocols are currently being utilized in private practices, hospitals, wellness centers, other health care facilities, prisons, addiction centers, and schools, both as stand-alone programs and as a complementary modality. 

BMBI is for those who want to use yoga in a field that helps people change themselves for the better and become empowered to live more authentic and meaningful lives. Our program is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance. Graduates will be trained to work with trauma, PTSD, ADHD and children, special needs, anxiety and depression, special populations, empowerment, and life enhancement.  

****** After graduation you are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200.

What People Say

I was hoping to add tools to my teacher toolbox and become trauma-informed. I did not expect the positive transformation it would bring to my whole life.

Erin Reed

Raechel and Betsy bring an abundance of experience, wisdom, and an authenticity to this program that is far beyond my expectations.

Tamara Reaume

I was blown away by this training. I did not expect the impact it would have on my life. I truly believe it changed my perspective on trauma.

Grace Luxon

Payments & Application

Therapeutic Trauma-Informed Yoga Educator (TTIY-E)

Certification for Yoga Instructors or Yoga Therapist

October 11th & 25th

November 15th & 29th

 December 13th


Early pricing Before June 1st, 2020 $1000