300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Hybrid 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Live Your Yoga

Our program is for practitioners serious about initiating change in their life and in the world. Our Level-II Body Mind Being 300 Hour Yoga Certification continues to embody a scientific system thousands of years old for helping us manage our daily obstacles and patterns. The curriculum is designed for you to be able to mentor these tools of resiliency. Change occurs when we leave our day-to-day habits and routines to live the yoga practice. Through daily practice one can better live yoga and incorporate it into daily life and offerings. This is why our advance training includes a pilgrimage as part of the training.

Strengthening your students’ awareness of the subtle body and innate wisdom with Asana, pranayama, Ayurveda, energy medicine and meditation. Better understand the koshas as layers of form and consciousness. We provide a comprehensive education in ancient healing Indian traditions through the pre-classical and classic yoga traditions, with elements of contemporary body-mind psychology.

Curriculum & Schedule

Our teacher training uniquely includes  Trauma-Informed and inclusive training.  This certification is not found at any other local yoga teacher training. These protocols are currently being utilized in private practices, hospitals, wellness centers, other health care facilities, prisons, addiction centers, and schools, both as stand-alone programs and as a complementary modality. 

The Body Mind Being Institute is for those who want to use yoga in a field that helps people change themselves for the better and become empowered to live more authentic and meaningful lives. Our program is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance. Graduates will be required to complete an internship to demonstrate empowerment and embodiment.

Tuition $4795. All-inclusive, except for airfare and text books. Payment plan available.

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