Your unique life story breeds the ability to transform lives

A GOOD guide, teacher, healer, therapist, etc. masters memorize and learns. Not that memory is bad, it only becomes a problem when what comes from memory becomes the authority. Even more dangerous- the truth.

A TRUE guide uses its life as inspiration from inner experience, from a state of knowing, not from previously acquired knowledge. Simply holds the space for others to find their OWN unique true Freedom.

This is how you change lives. Let me explain…

Your unique life story breeds the ability to transform lives. It is not about how perfect you master a process rather as Brene Brown teaches it is the ability to Brave The Wilderness. Most people do in order to be. The intention is to act because they feel incomplete. The ancient hunter-gatherer impulse which is still in our DNA.

This is tragic….

If you live and work in this way, sharing your knowledge, what you have memorized connection is impossible. You use hierarchy, which turns something that could be sacred into disempowerment. When what you know becomes the truth and what you offer it renders you completely incapable of ever experiencing real truth let alone the space for others.

This is why I created this transformational offering staring this fall.

Our 350 Hour Integrative Life Yoga Therapy Program is a hybrid of high-caliber professional training and an in-depth personal development program.

This is a fusion of psychology, neuroscience, archetypal study, yoga, shadow work, and leadership training woven into one complete training.

You are ready if you desire……….

  • To deepen your study in eastern philosophy and create sacred rituals that are meaningful to you.
  • You are sick of putting a band-aid on the symptoms instead of accessing the root issues.
  • Differentiate yourself by integrating mental-emotional health skills into your offering
  • Specialize in a holistic approach to the science of yoga that’s in high demand…
  • Radically expand your teaching, coaching or clinical practice by breaking through blocks, beliefs, and behaviors that keep you “playing small” …
  • Gain confidence and trust in the ability to transform.
  • Experience deep healing through your own personal journey of self-discovery + shadow work…

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