Find Your Yoga Path

We want you to live well. All our programs support you to live your yoga. You will draw from its benefits every day. Our immersions are 6 to 12 months to change your life permanently. You will change how you breathe and think. You will restore your energy and body to its natural blueprint. Most importantly, the relationship with your mentor and friends will last a lifetime.

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200 HOUR
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300 HOUR
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The Body Mind Being Institute is more than just a program or training. It starts with your personal journey without a prescription.  You are supported by the wise, knowledgeable, authentic, mentors and instructors. This allows for phenomenal connections and discernment between the individual, others, and the Divine Plan throughout the training.  Not only will you as a student or client discover higher plains unimaginable, but the alignment instilled along the way will bring one closer to a true essence in life.”  –Kelley

Do you desire to hold sacred space for yourself and authentically for others, to release trauma and false stories and be embodied to reclaim joy ? If you answered YES then our programs and  certifications are for YOU.

Below is an EXAMPLE of our core curriculum and learning path.

All of our Training Programs Offer :

  1. A retreat in nature, set in a quiet and peaceful location. This is essential to help create permanent change and intention in one’s life. To embody your practice and the teaching of yoga. The deeper purpose is to put the teachings into a daily practice and become independent of regular habits, patterns that no longer serve you. These retreats are experiences that last a lifetime.
  2. Mentorship
  3. RYT-200 or RYT-300 Certification w/Yoga Alliance available.
  4. Payment Plans
  5. Trauma-Informed Education and Personal work
  6. Learn to witness through the way of the circle. Building lasting connections

What People Are Saying

“This teacher training is like no other.  It offers an approach to yoga classes that cater to an under-served population in our community and those that have or are experiencing trauma. Raechel and Betsy bring an abundance of experience, wisdom, and an authenticity to this program that is far beyond my expectations.”-Tamara R.

“Raechel was recommended to me by a colleague that witnessed her work on a retreat. I have been seeking a teacher committed to the spiritual path with the education and life experience to guide me to my greatest potential. I work as an MSW and feel I have hit a plateau in my journey and professional work. Raechel offered a consult with me to feel if this would be a beneficial experience. I appreciated this as I live in OH, almost five hours from Michigan. I decided to give it a go, drive over, and stay the night. Furthermore, I am so glad I did. The session was unlike anything I had experienced before. In total, the session was about three hours. In the beginning, Raechel asked me many questions, and we talked for a while. We then moved to a heated mat, and I connected to my body in movement. It appears Raechel offers powerful energy work, I was already in a deep meditative state, and at this point, I had new sensations and body awareness I had not had before. The healing and inner guidance I received is something I have never experienced. After the time on the mat, we discussed the experience, which felt similar to therapy, and we were able to use the experience to establish some changes and intentions in my life. Raechel has supported me through a few online sessions now, and I look forward to another in-person session with her in the early spring.” –Stephanie Hemlock

“I was hoping to add tools to my teaching toolbox and become trauma-informed. I did not expect the positive transformation it would bring to my whole life. I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner for 22 years. This training made space for me to go all the way to the center of myself in a way that I had never experienced before.”-Erin R.

Wellbeing ~ Self Awareness ~ Transformation ~ Community