Winter Solstice: Becoming a Beacon of Light

December 3, 2020

|Raechel Morrow

In the wake of Covid-19, we are creating low-frequency vibrations from stress, fear, and disconnection. We are not immune to the impact of this low vibration around us. Many would agree we are influenced by a cycle of creating, radiating, and consuming – and it is EXHAUSTING. Hence, our vibrational frequency is lower and chaotic.

With every crisis in history, we survived by supporting and caring for each other. This danger is more critical than any before. Covid-19 has forced us to isolate and hide parts of ourselves away.

Scientists have found that differences in vibrational characteristics correlate strongly with the different rates of infectivity and lethality of different kinds of corona viruses, taken from a global database of confirmed case numbers and case fatality rates. (By DAVID L. CHANDLER, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY).

What are we to do? Deep inside, we know this low level of energy will not save us. We know there is a different way to heal. As it so happens, Mother Nature has a different story to tell. Mother Nature is trying to guide us naturally to slow down, take care of her resources, connect, prepare our bodies for the winter to come, and the Sankalpa (the intention from your soul). A higher source is naturally guiding us to becoming a beacon of light for those around us.

Ancient civilizations recognized this turning point toward the gradual return of the light known as the Winter Solstice, a time of reawakening and rebirth – a time of new beginnings. There is no time like now to awaken our collective consciousness and prepare for our spirit to open and receive the coming light.

There are many ways you can bring the magic of Winter Solstice into your homes and prepare for the new season of the SankalpaIt is so important to have shared collective experiences to remember the oneness with each other. 

Start honoring this season now. Try a few of these suggestions below. I have found them to help me receive the nourishment of the season.

1). 5th annual Winter Solstice Celebration. This year will be extra special. Collectively, healing communities from the lake-shore to Grand Rapids will join us in self-reflection necessary to clear old patterns to serve our world. A time for introspection and preparation for our spirit to open and receive the coming light. Our intention is to provide space to begin this preparation through meditation, asana, breath work, and ceremony. Learn more and register!

2). Join Raechel Morrow and Kelley Rasch to prepare for the season of Sankapla: Between the Winter Solstice and reawakening and rebirth, a time of new beginnings. Our intention is to provide time to begin this preparation through kriyas , meditation, asana, and inquiry. This is preparatory work for your heart as you move into the next season. These are free weekly zoom classes through January 7th. Spaces are limited and you must register before each class.

3). Write a letter to your loved ones. Sharing why you love them so much and how they have impacted your life. Imagine how this small effort could make a enormous impact on their life.

4). Take walks under the moon at night and early morning. Ask the question: how am I naturally to be in this world? Try both! The cold, fresh air will help with inflammation and keep your lungs clear. Journal about these questions.

5). Increase your Meditation time and with candlelight. Listen and witness yourself without judgement. Just witness and let IT all be. Nothing to change. Without stillness it is impossible to move away from old patterns.

6). Create a ceremony with candles. Invite your family members or close friends either online or in a small group to light a candle and arrange them in a circle. Each candle represents what your heart is commiting to during the time of new beginnings.

7). Without a daily practice of embodiment, prayer/dedication and devotion nothing above is possible.

Raechel Morrow

About the author: Raechel is the founder and Executive Director of the Body Mind Being Institute. She offers training in therapeutic yoga, yoga therapy, and trauma-informed modalities. She works with clients privately to help create emotional, mental, and physical release through yoga and other healing modalities. She is known for saying; “It all gets to be here.” By creating a safe and non-judgmental space for the client to explore their patterns, Raechel offers body-based therapy for creating change and transformation. She believes that each can find their answers and discover their deepest Self when given the opportunity to be empowered, embodied, and explore.

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