Is Your Life Harsh or is it a Miracle?

How one simple choice can change your life…

Albert Einstein has remarked that the single most important decision any of us will ever make in our lifetime is whether or not to believe that the universe is friendly. In the absence of proof, we have belief. And belief is a choice.

“If we decide that the universe is a friendly place, then we will use our technology, our scientific discoveries, and our natural resources to create tools and models for understanding that universe because power and safety will come through understanding its workings and its motives. Because God does not play dice with the universe” –Albert Einstein.

Each of us must choose how to see our world, and this choice will essentially determine how our life will unfold. If a person decides that the universe they live in is friendly, they will see the good much more than the bad, spend more time feeling positive emotions such as happiness, love, and gratitude. That person will beneficially serve the world. However, if someone decides their universe is unfriendly and harsh, they will feel negative emotions such as jealousy, hatred, and fear. That person will contribute to their world based on taking more for them self or preserving what they already have.

Say what? I hear your inner ego protesting. Have you followed the news recently-we? Are in a pandemic, a fight for survival? Are you posting this blog now-are you crazy?  A friendly world would not create a virus such as covid 19. 

I understand any resistance to this choice. As a person who holds space for individuals with traumatic experiences, I assure you I am all too familiar with the world’s ugliness and evil. My losses in life at one time or another have been unbearable. I think of the experience as a vigorous dance of energy. There’s this give and take. When you dance, one leads, and one follows, but both are giving and taking. Just because the universe is a friendly place doesn’t mean that bad things can’t happen.

This pandemic has forced us to confront significant change – both on individual and social levels-right? Looking at the harsh areas of human life during this pandemic can help illuminate it and allow us to lean more into wonder and possibility. The universe is not friendly to a small, egocentric self. Everything we think we are, we’re going to lose; death comes to all of us. But because we are the universe — we are of it, and it is of us, with no real separation — it is not unfriendly. I believe profoundly; my life is a miracle. For me, this notion boils down to a fundamentally supportive life system that provides for me and all other living beings to the full extent that we are willing to draw on it in ways that serve a universal greater good.

Now, I am not suggesting that we put on rose-colored glasses and say everything is right with the world. Nor I am suggesting looking the other way or bypassing darkness. The truth is that there are horrors and tragedies all around us. But this harsh reality does not mean that the universe is vindictive, punitive, or out to get us. That view, too, would be a choice. Right?

What will your choice be?

Today and every day, I am committed to living in a friendly universe, to a practice that supports me in shifting into a perspective and energy that is sacred, full of joy, light, and love. When life does get harsh or unfriendly, I seek what is sacred to balance (read a blog from last year)

Would you like to join me?

Repeat these words from Einstein and live accordingly: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.”

Look for extra online classes and support through 2020. Only together we will thrive.

Deep bow to you all,


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