The Gift In Befriending Your Body

By: Raechel Morrow

Your body is talking to you. Are you listening? Your body speaks what the mind cannot. It holds the innate freedom and wisdom if you know how to listen. There is a sacred gift in accessing this deep knowing and deeply worthy of exploration.

I believe we can use our bodies as teachers to access this innate knowing and intuition. Are you choosing to find answers from your body? I am here to remind you that your body holds the answer you seek. It is instructing you to open your heart and open the flood gates to your breath and energy. The guide you are longing to meet resides in your body. Start there, with feeling your breath without judgment, and later, you will be able to follow the same process without a body and a spirit.

Befriending your body is the most incredible tool for self-discovery. We also now understand that traumas, memories, emotions, and beliefs as physiological experiences are stored not only in the thinking mind but also in our physical being’s tissues. Through the work of befriending the body, we can come to understand that no part of our human experience can be denied if we want to fully heal; the body can no longer be the elephant in the room while we talk about healing.

Enjoy a few resources to begin befriending your body:

Deep Feeling – 3 minutes exercise

Take three deep breaths and let your breath fall out of your mouth. Sitting, notice how you are sitting. Do not change or judge your sitting unless you would like to. Place your hands on your legs and feel the sensation of your own legs. Set a timer for 3 minutes. Simply feel your whole body sitting for three minutes. What sensations did you feel? What sensations did you not feel? How may those sensations inform my day today?


Body Scan – 20 minutes


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