Integrative Somatic Therapy and Spiritual Mentorship

Yoga Therapy Meets Depth Psychology: Embodying the Sacred, Meeting your Soul

Are you the person you feel like you are?

Is the real you partially unknown, even to yourself?

If you desire deep connection, ready to uncover your true Self, and use your body-based self-awareness to grow, then this work is for you! The sacred sessions are highly dynamic and potentially deeply transformative. I offer numerous components and experiences to help a person integrate and heal their entire, or whole, selves. The work is somatic, energetic, and spiritual.

Here’s my point: YOU also have superpowers. You have things that are true about you that you either may not fully know about yet, or that you may know about but want to be different. Your body and being are talking, so why not listen?

Yoga therapy, energy and ancient healing traditions are an integral focus of my practice. I specialize in Jungian psychoanalytical therapy, spirituality, meditation, and my favorite mystery and self exploration. I would like to share, sessions will look and feel different from a session with a therapist who has had training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Sessions with me are non-directive, open-ended, and body/energy based. Come home to your whole self. 


$225 first session. $175 Thereafter.

The Initial Session is 120-150 minutes, followed by 90-120minute sessions thereafter.

Wondering where to start?




The Initial Session is 90 minutes, followed by 75-minute sessions thereafter.

Day & Weekend Sessions

$499 Six Hour Session.

Together, we can design a day of change and healing. Receive three months of session in one day and start renewed. Please message to design your appointment. Interested in a customized weekend retreat?