Anxiety Alchemy

Anxiety Alchemy was created to support women to move away from a linear “fix it” approach to healing, and into living a life that honors their innate wisdom.

If you want to prioritize sacred soul connection in your life…If you’re ready to transform your relationship with anxiety and your body...

“Before this group,  I felt stuck and uninspired in my life. My anxiety with Covid was out of control. This program helped me slowly ease out of the constant anxiety. I learned again what was sacred to me, how to play, and find deep connections. The changes continued way beyond the nine weeks and now I can honestly say I have less anxiety and more fun”. -Sarah

Then Anxiety Alchemy is for you

I am dedicated to making this a safer space LGBTQ+  and BIPOC women. Anyone who self-identifies as a woman is welcome here.

In Anxiety Alchemy, you’ll experience 8 weeks

A process grounded in scientific research, ancient spiritual wisdom, and divine feminine knowledge.​

Practices combining yoga, movement, breathwork, depth  psychology, and meditation.

Awareness of systemic, cultural and personal traumas, and their impacts on our bodies, minds and hearts.

Somehow, Raechel helps you find YOU, and the alchemy worked! I walked away from the program with a totally new lease on life. I took my relationship in a different direction. Now months later I am changing careers and I never saw that happening. I feel free to be myself.  The embodiment, practices, helped me reclaim my body.  The inquiries guided me to the emergence of the Wise Woman the Seer in me.”-Amanda

A practical and empowering way to integrate the Anxiety Alchemy process into your life.

A community of like-minded, open-hearted women to support and uplift you throughout this transformation.

Week One: Awaken your Soul’s Awareness

Week Two: Embodiment of Your Soul

Week Three: Befriend Your Body

Week Four: Alchemy of Breath

Week Five: Acceptance

Week Six: Wisdom and Choice

Week Seven: Truth

Week Nine: Live your Truth

“The time commitment for a 9-week series one a day retreat is significant, but I wanted to be more in touch with my body and my inner truth. This was a big commitment but I am so grateful I put the time in. Prior to entering this class my belief was that meditation had to be done perfectly—now I understand that it’s really about allowing yourself the space and grace to meditate in a way that works for you, even if it is for just a few minutes a day. What was sacred to me was unfolded and that turned into the practice I do every day. By the end of the nine weeks I had a spiritual practice that I cannot go one day without. The yoga and movement I was afraid of at first but with practice it allowed me to get in touch with my own flow and embodiment. I got to choose, I always felt ok to do what I needed-share in the circle or not.”-Jennifer

Package One:

8-week course

Weekly PDF journal prompts

Home practices and inquiries

Meet Your Host

Raechel Morrow M.A. E-RYT, CTS, TIYT

Raechel has studied depth psychology and yoga for the past 20 years. After working in the field of trauma recovery for the last eight, she was overwhelmed with the profound understanding in the value of actively seeking what was lost from the trauma of colonization.  There is a disconnection to the soul in our culture which has led to emptiness and dismemberment. A sacrifice of body and soul to “getting the job done”. She teaches the art of wandering, intuition, and the embodiment of deeply listening to one’s soul. The experiential process of being over doing.

“Before this group,  I had personal patterns which hindered my emotional and spiritual growth. I understand these patterns will take time but after these nine weeks, I am more open to change. I understand the different parts to my own psyche. I was able to spend weeks with my body remembering. My commitment is to my higher self. I experienced healing in the yoga postures and movement. The breathing techniques, meditations, and education has made great changes possible in a short period of time. Learning about the systemic, cultural and personal trauma, and their impacts on our bodies supported transformative healing.” The circle time was very special. I felt safe to share and I now consider many of the women now to be dear friends. -Tamara