You can be embodied: return to the Sacred Feminine

By: Raechel Morrow

True embodiment can only happen when one’s soul is able to position itself to the physical world, settle into it fully, and feel completely safe to stay. The damage from trauma becomes a part of our embodiment because our full way of being was not welcomed or safe. This loss hides our essence, or natural blueprint. Sometimes, whole aspects of our psyches are completely blocked out or repressed.

Sylvia Brinton Perera writes that we have “archaic depths that are embodied in us which are capable of taking us over and shaking us to the core”. That is what it felt like for me, this return to the sacred feminine. Wildly unknown yet deeper sensation of coming home for the first time. 

In the past, I was trying to achieve my worth based on the value I contribute to a capitalistic and masculine society. I never felt enough. My natural way of being and capacity to love the world was drowned out by the doing.  I pushed, overworked, and disconnected. Nothing outside matched the inside of me. The embodiment of my soul was missing.

It started with being with more sacredness in life. Then my relationship with my body and the energy it contained slowly became more sacred than things. I experienced the nature of reclaiming the intrinsic relationship with myself. Let me share a deep glimpse, In her book Descent to the Goddess (1981), Perera writes, “What has been valued in the West in women has too often been defined only in relation to the masculine: the good, nurturant mother and wife; the sweet, docile agreeable daughter; the gently supportive of bright achieving partner. This collective model is inadequate for life; we silence ourselves trying to compress our souls into it just as surely as our grandmothers deformed their fully breathing bodies with corsets for the sake of an ideal.”

As women, we have been cut off from parts of our innate nature or wholeness- if you are still reading, you feel this too. The trauma we internalize begins as young girls, when we realize that some parts of us are unwelcomed and often labeled “bad”. We continue to feel unseen because there are little examples present to reflect our wholeness and variety. 

Where are we to find the full mystery and potency of the feminine?

Collectively,  we are experiencing the return to the “sacred feminine”. But I question if it is enough?  Because present-day society has not understood, has feared the process which women must undergo to claim her power and wisdom, has recognized only the masculine process, women have been left little alternative but to speak ‘as men. Women have become alienated from her and have begun to expect to have the energies, emotions, and attitudes of the masculine. It is a tragic token of the lack of recognition of a separate and unique feminine process…

I am not writing about gender. Rather, the acknowledgement of the intrinsic need for a balance of the feminine and masculine. The feminine energy, is the language of the soul.  As a result, many men and women have disconnected from their soul. This imbalance has caused fatigue, depression, anxiety, and greed. The feminine nurtures from this abundance and wisdom, but instead is met with scarcity and disconnection. 

Most of us “know” that something is missing from our life – but most of us struggle to discover what exactly is missing. The “doing” strangles intuition and feeling what is deeply missing is never discovered. A deeper understanding, awareness and knowing is never experienced. Life becomes a series of attachments to external stimulus to suppress the caged energy within. 

What to do? One of the greatest challenges in the journey towards embodiment is allowing the deep sadness a woman will feel about her separation from the feminine. To allow herself the time to name what is missing and grieve this loss in whatever way is needed for her. Then to release it and reclaim.

Most women NEVER get to this point. This necessary state of sadness and despair is not normalized in our culture. She will need a loving, positive, mentor to simply witness her while she expresses outwardly what has been contained. As women, we need to be this for each other. Stop being afraid to be vulnerable and be deeply compassionate. Fight the desire to dominate.

Then your true embodiment becomes the action of reclaiming your lost treasures.

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