Yoga Therapy Month

November is Yoga Therapy Month and we would like to offer you several opportunities to experience Yoga Therapy for yourself or in a community setting.

The satisfaction of living your dharma is priceless.
In yoga therapy, you cannot give what you do not have, otherwise it is dishonest and breads negative karma. Who is holding space for you? To help you rise into the fullness of your life, work with a yoga therapist. A yoga therapist has training and tools to achieve higher levels of transformation.  However, yoga therapy can take time to focus on the ways our body reacts to specific traumas, releasing the pain points in a way that promotes physical, mental, and emotional relief, and energetically move past patterned and limiting beliefs in ways that only focusing on mental health and coaching alone cannot.

A yoga therapist can help move through patterns of disconnection. To move towards radical acceptance and love over doing and over working. A yoga therapist can hold your unique spiritual journey to experience what is sacred for you. 

Maybe adding yoga therapy is a part of your dharma. If you are curious about working with yoga therapy with your current or future clients try our Essentials for Working with Private Clients.