Yoga & Movement for Larger Bodies

Yoga & Movement for Larger Bodies

Mondays 5-6:30pm
June 28 – August 2

How would life feel different if you had a deep love and appreciation for your body?  How would it feel if even in those moments where you didn’t love your body, you could offer yourself kindness and compassion?  How would it feel to know you are not alone in struggling to love your body?  What if we could come together to learn compassion and acceptance from each other?  To take the bits that each of us have and build it into something bigger than each of us, a community space where we can show up exactly as we are and be loved and accepted?

After a long break from teaching, I am happy to once again offer a class for larger bodies, out of my deep longing for a different way of relating to ourselves, our bodies, and each other.  Time away from teaching and all the lessons that this past year brought have made me more committed to doing this work.  Because I truly want a world where we can all have a kind relationship with our bodies and ourselves.

One of the tricks to a kinder relationship with our bodies is getting to know them more and movement is what we’ll use in this series to do this.  We will explore different forms of movement, from yoga postures, to dance, to basic movements and somatics – all approached from a place of curiosity and playfulness where you are empowered to make the choices that work best for your unique body.

Often when we start a new movement practice, we’ll bump up against limiting beliefs or the internalized shame we have about our bodies.  This class will have lots of space to talk about those things as they come up, and to build some resilience in the face of them.  By connecting to the places of love and compassion within us, we’ll rely on our inner courage and strength to navigate through that discomfort and those emotions.  

If this is speaking to your own inner longing for a different way of relating to yourself and your body, you can register with the donor box on this page.

This class has reached capacity in the past, so register as soon as possible to make sure there’s a spot for you.  If you register before June 12, you’ll also be invited to join the all-day, in-person body image retreat on June 19.  More information on that will be sent once you register.

I have chosen to use a sliding scale fee to reflect the multiple economic realities of each of us and address the systemic inequalities of the world we live in.  What is this series worth to you? How do you want to invest in yourself? What works for your current financial situation? Choose an amount anywhere within the range.  If even the lower end of the scale is not possible for you, reach out as I am committed to making my offerings accessible.

Cost: $140-$275