Yoga | Meditation | Movement

Christine Sharp | Therapeutic Yoga | Monday’s 12:30 PM-1:30 PM | Virtual or In Studio

60-minute afternoon class attuned to the individuals in each class and refined constantly throughout the practice. This class is a healing, physically slower approach to yoga. The starting point is what is comfortably possible for the practitioner. 

  • E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance
  • Naturopathic Diploma, Blue Heron Academy
  • 300-Hour Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy
  • 1200 hour Massage Therapy
  • Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Blue Heron Academy

Ally Schmidt | Trauma Informed Slow Flow | Monday 6:00 PM -7:15 PM| In Studio

Flow into your week with trauma-informed Hatha! If you’d like to begin an inquiry into accepting the facets of yourself you’ve uncovered while treading your path and letting go of what holds you stagnant, then please join us. When we make space for Truth-that which is easy or difficult to face and necessary to feel… that is when we can notice the inner-landscapes of our Aliveness and settle into the many beautiful worlds inside of us. .

Raechel Morrow | Yoga for Transformation | Tuesday Morning 9:30 AM- 10:45 AM | In Studio

From the yoga Sutras, our true nature and Self lives within. An ongoing class for the soul of a true yogi! This class is a practice to live the best life OFF the mat. If you desire to experience yourself by becoming more connected to your own breath and body this class is for you. Your body is always talking to you, listening, and taking action on the mat. You will explore your “edge” on the mat in sensation, to experience deeper listening and learning. For new to seasoned practitioners.

  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
  • 600 Hour Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
  • Seeking, 1000 Hour International Association of Yoga Therapy
  • 300-Hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator Training, The Trauma Center at JRI, Boston, MA
  • Certificate in Traumatic Health Studies, The Trauma Center at JRI, Boston, MA
  • Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Blue Heron Academy

Jessica Gladden | Yin Yoga | Tuesday Night 6:30PM-7:45 PM | Virtual or In Studio

Yin is a form of yoga that involves postures of stillness for promoting growth and clearing energetic blockages by holding for 2-5 minutes in grounded positions. This class is for anyone tired and craving more energy or anyone suffering from increased stress. YIN is for the deep connective tissue’s slow and steady holds. The postures balance the meridians in the body which in turn balances the body’s internal organs and systems. Breathwork, meditation, and psychoeducation will be provided throughout.

Adar Tal | Gentle Trauma Informed Yoga | Wednesday 9:00 AM-10:15 AM | In Studio

This class is a gentle trauma-informed yoga flow that is designed to start your day on a soft note, no matter what is planned for the rest of it. Gentle yoga is a wonderful way to give yourself attention, mindful movement and lots of relaxing stretches. Offering an opportunity to set your own private intention for the day with self-compassion and inner power.

Erin Reed | Liberation Flow Yoga | Thursday Morning 9:30AM-10:45AM | In Studio

Start your day by stoking up your inner fire with this rhythmic, flow yoga class. This session will begin with breath and movement to awaken your body and become present. We will greet the day with heat building, vigorous postures that build strength, balance, and stamina set to rhythmic music. Class will wind down with postures that guide you deeper into the spirit of the moment. Each session will finish with breathwork and meditation to support wellbeing and intention throughout your day. Take away inquiries will be shared to support you in your own spiritual practice.

Lesley Esse | Slow Flow + Yoga Nidra Sound Healing | Thursday 5:30 PM-7:15 PM| In Studio

Slow down and come how to your body through intentional breath and mindful movement. Rebalance and deepen your embodiment with meditative + healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls.

Meet Betsy

Betsy Rosenbrook | Trauma Informed Yoga | Friday 9:00 AM-10:15 AM | Virtual or In Studio

If you are ready to explore and befriend your body, then this class is for you!  Healing from trauma happens in a present-centered experience. In this class, you are invited to learn how to care for yourself like a friend, explore your natural breath, and listen to your body to make choices for intentional movement. Rediscover and reconnect to yourself in a safe space, with an invitation for acceptance, and compassion. This may also be a calm space for highly sensitive people. Come as you are!  You are welcome here!

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