Fall Breathwork: Letting Go

bunch of yellow leaves

Fall Breathwork: Letting Go

Sunday September 26th | Sunday October 17th | Sunday November 14th

7:00pm – 8:00pm *please note that there will be an optional period for discussion and integration at the end of the class.  

As the trees shed their leaves, fall reminds us that this is a season of letting go. There is a lot happening in the world right now, and most of us are feeling the weight of it.  We’re tired, we’re stressed, and we’re anxious.  Our chests feel tight, and our bodies feel tense. Breathwork is all about releasing and receiving – releasing stress, and worry, and receiving clarity, peace and healing.  Come breathe and let it all go. Classes are $29.00 per class. Book one or all three sessions.

 During breathwork you will lie on your back and breathe in a circular, rhythmic pattern for about thirty minutes.  You will then transition to a place of deep relaxation and meditation.  You will be supported throughout the process with specific coaching, essential oils, music, and personal attention. 

*Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, and water bottle (mask is optional).  Wear loose comfortable clothing, and refrain from eating a heavy meal.  For more information you can visit my website: www.marniehorton.com.*

Marnie Horton | Instructor | Owner Marnie Horton Breathwork & Soul Circle

GradCert, Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness – Western Michigan University

BA, Education – Michigan State University

Breathwork Certification – David Elliott, Los Angeles, CA

Reiki Level I Certification – Jan Atwood, Grand Rapids, MI