Therapeutic Trauma-Informed Yoga Educator (TIYE) ®

Certification for Yoga Instructors or Yoga Therapist

Our Vision

The body speaks what the mind often cannot. Considering this, our training is based on resiliency and embodiment. The layers from trauma can vary in complexity and needs. Taking into account the whole person, we teach an experiential process over a prescription. Learn to facilitate an inquiry of deep listening to the body. This inquiry allows the clients or students to explore the skills and abilities needed to find their own way to cope with trauma-related symptoms and the supportive space to reclaim their bodies.

“Through relationships, trauma survivors can learn to feel safe, trust others, learn new ways of relating to people, and develop self-compassion” (Van der Kolk 2014). The relationship between the Trauma-Informed Yoga Educator and client/student is shared and authentic, opening, and inclusive to the whole human experience. The Educator engages and initiates conscious conversations about equity and decolonizing of the healing process“The biomedical approach and associated interventions fail to acknowledge the value of healthy and meaningful relationships, which mitigate the destructive impact of trauma” (Van der Kolk 2005). This limits the potentiality of re-traumatizing our clients and students. 

This yoga training includes evidence based protocols for working with trauma survivors and those directly or indirectly affected by trauma. What has been These protocols are currently used/taught in yoga studios, hospitals, wellness centers, other health care facilities, prisons, and addiction centers, mental-health facilities, both as stand-alone programs and as a complementary mental health modality. Learn how to facilitate a private TSY yoga session or integrate yoga into your current profession and offerings.

In this certification you will learn:

  • Introduction to yoga techniques of The Body Mind Being Institute
  • Trauma Theory and the physiological and psychological effects of trauma & PTSD
  • How trauma is stored in the body and how to offer somatic, body-based only treatment.
  • Polyvagal theory, the significance of the vagus nerve in trauma, and the role and function that yoga can play in stabilization and grounding.
  • Interoception and embodiment. 
  • Your own barriers to disconnection.
  • Yoga and the nervous system.
  • The impact of empowerment in trauma treatment.
  • Destigmatizing Trauma

We integrate ancient Hatha Yoga and modern research in the fields of neurobiology, stress physiology and medical biophysics; of particular interest is the work of Bo Forbes Ph.D., E-RYT, Dr. Stephen Porges, Ph.D. (Polyvagal Nerve Theory), Laura van Dernoot Lipsky ,Dr. Peter A. Levine, Ph. D (Somatic Experiencing) and Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. (The Body Keeps the Score).   

Program Format:

October 11th (in-person) & 25th (Online) | November 15 (Online) & 29th (in-person) | December 13th (in-person)

Online schedule: 9:00-3:00, In person: 8:00-5:00

***This is training includes a 10-hour internship which must be completed before certification is issued.



Minimum of 200 hours of study in yoga as a teacher, educator or yoga therapist. Subject to approval from instructors.

  • A 200-hour yoga teacher training certification from a Yoga Alliance recognized yoga school OR comparable proficiency in yoga.

***Due to Covid-19 this training will be kept small. Another training will be added in May 2021

40 Hour Yoga Alliance CEU’s

For More Information:

Phone: (616) 901-8932