200-RYT Training:Yelapa Immersion 2021

Our 2021 Training has begun. 2022 Training Dates coming soon.

Kelly-Recent 200-YTT Graduate

“The Body Mind Being Institute is more than just a certification or yoga class…it starts with a personal journey that begins a process from within one’s Self, without a prescription.  The wise, knowledgeable, authentic, guiding mentors and instructors, allow for the phenomenal connections and discernments between the individual, others, and the Divine Plan throughout the training.  Not only will you as a student or client discover higher plains unimaginable, but the alignment instilled along the way will bring one closer to a true essence in life.”  -Kelley

The Body Mind Being 200-RYT Teacher Training Program provides a comprehensive education in Hatha yoga teaching, which includes all eight limbs of yoga.  It is accredited by Yoga Alliance. This program will prepare you to offer a life-changing and deeply empowering instruction with skills to facilitate group sessions using our ten themes of transformation. Our program is for practitioners serious about initiating change in their life and in the world. Your journey begins at the Pura Vida Eco Retreat Center where we spend the first 10 days immersed in nature and embodying the ancient yoga healing practices within yourself. With the nourishment your mind, body, and energy needs, you will find these practices easy to learn and become a part of you for lasting change.

Class Curriculum

Our teacher training uniquely includes  Trauma-Informed and inclusive training.  This certification is not found at any other local yoga teacher training. These protocols are currently being utilized in private practices, hospitals, wellness centers, other health care facilities, prisons, addiction centers, and schools, both as stand-alone programs and as a complementary modality. 

The Body Mind Being Institute is for those who want to use yoga in a field that helps people change themselves for the better and become empowered to live more authentic and meaningful lives. Our program is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance. Graduates will be required to complete an internship to demonstrate empowerment and embodiment.

“I was blown away by this training. I did not expect the impact it would have on my life. I truly believe it changed my perspective on my life and trauma”

Grace Luxon

Trauma-Informed Yoga/ Inclusivity

Learn to instruct others on the impact of trauma and how somatic and yoga-based interventions are proven to treat trauma. Explore other cultures study into trauma. Learn about your own barriers of disconnection and false narratives that may limit your ability to work with special populations. Work to support our not for profit in destigmatizing trauma. Learn to provide yoga as an adjunctive treatment for PTSD, complex/developmental trauma, anxiety/depression, and addictions. Study the neurobiology and neuroscience of trauma and how it can specifically tone the vagus nerve and strengthen the nervous system.

How to structure a intentional yoga class

Therapeutic yoga, kramas, The components of an intelligent yoga class. Themed class design. Teaching methodology, cueing, ethics, boundaries, orientation, finding your authentic voice, and empowerment, embodiment, invitation language.

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

Including therapeutic techniques, anatomy 1, 11, 111, inquiries, polyvagal system, and strengthening the nervous system, Neuroscience, anatomy of breath, and advanced pranayama.

Embodiment/Transformational Process

Learn about your own innate resiliency and embodiment. Learn how to facilitate a present moment experience and all the necessary competencies to help your students live a more authentic and meaningful life. Explore the transformational process to facilitate a system that a person holds as a basis for self-awareness, the interpretation of life, and overarching purpose in life. Going through and guiding one of our classes is like slowly peeling the onion. Alternatively, healing and moving through the many layers (koshas).

Yoga Philosophy/Mediation

Self-Care, Kriyas, Yamas, Nyamas, History of yoga, and Prakriti/Purusha.

The Esoteric Body (Chakras)

Learning Bodies (Posture, Body Assessment, Appreciating Uniqueness of Different Body Types). Energy medicine.

10-Day Yelapa Immersion 


  • 10-days in authentic tropical cabins situated above the Bay of Banderas
  • Use of the resorts private pool, hot tub, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkel gear
  • Access to two local beaches
  • Daily hikes to local 60 ft. waterfall
  • Organic Vegetarian and Vegan Meals served buffet style
  • Daily Yoga, Meditation, and Breath Work practices along with over 100 contact hours 

Guided Ceremonies and Excursions Included

  • Snorkeling and private beach tour 
  • Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) Ceremony led by local Shaman
  • Contemplative Dance Ceremony
  • Day trip to Botanical Gardens
  • Play with your edge during a guided cliff diving experience
  • Holistic Breathwork Ceremony with Fire. Potential to access expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity about one’s patterns and life purpose.

“Raechel and Betsy bring an abundance of experience, wisdom, and an authenticity to this program that was far beyond my expectations in a yoga training.”

Tamara Reaume

Our yoga teacher training is rooted in embodiment and empowerment. Our graduates are yoga educators, facilitators of a process rather than a prescription. We believe each person knows what is most appropriate and helps people draw out what is already inside. We want to help people become genuine, empowered, embodied and live in their true nature. Because of this our training includes curriculum in exclusivity.

Our program is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance. After graduation you are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200.

Our Instructors have a combined over 10 years experience facilitating advanced yoga instructor trainings in the Grand Rapids Area and abroad.

Meet Your Instructors

Raechel Morrow 

She has dedicated 17 years to teaching yoga.  She has a Masters degree from Pacifica Graduate University in Depth Psychology, Counseling, and Archetypal Studies. She has worked in the field of trauma recovery for eight years, including a certified trauma specialist. She is wild for the experience of love and connection. She encourages her students to search the inner being of themselves and find freedom through integration of lost parts of Self.

Betsy Rosenbrook

Betsy believes that healing is possible for all people. Through a sense of belonging, growing awareness and a deeper knowing of who you are and what matters to you, meaningful change can happen.  Authentic connection is what drives Betsy’s professional endeavors as a Social Worker and Yoga Educator.  She has a graduate degree in Social Work and has worked in the Grand Rapids community in various capacities for 20 years and has been a registered yoga teacher for 6 years.  She is passionate about combining the wisdom of both worlds in her professional and her private life.

Erin Madden

Erin, is proud to serve as a Senior Trainer for Starr Commonwealth and as the founder of
Sacred Being Yoga. Erin has a background in education, and healing arts. Erin lives by the
deep belief that all beings are sacred, and she is dedicated to making space for people to
experience their sacred wholeness in connection to Self and the universe. Erin began her
journey with studying, practicing, and teaching yoga and mindfulness 23 years ago. More
recently in 2018, Erin earned her 300 hour trauma sensitive yoga teacher certification from
Grand Rapids Healing Yoga, and in 2020 she earned an additional 300 hours of training to be
certified as a yoga therapy practitioner by the Body Mind Being Institute. Erin has guided trauma
sensitive yoga practices for trauma survivors in both group and individuals. Erin is passionate
about living Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of a beloved community, and facilitates
conversations and experiences that center equity, diversity, and inclusion, so we may live out
the truth of the oneness of humanity.

“I was hoping to add tools to my teacher toolbox and become trauma-informed. I did not expect the positive transformation it would bring to my whole life”

Erin Reed