Sacred Soul Sunday’s

We gather because we believe that by weaving the threads of our lives together, in reverence for the sacredness of all of life, we can heal the wounds and divides within ourselves and our culture. Through conscious relating, social change, embodiment, and bearing witness, we intend to consciously awaken, peacefully create change, and to not just survive but thrive. All people are welcome to experience the teaching, scriptures and poetry, movement and breath, meditation, and the experience of ending in small sacred circles to share our stories, traditions, and acceptance. We draw from the wisdom practices and teachings of Zen, Buddhism, Classical Yoga, Christianity, and Bhakti. We share stories, ceremonies, and traditions to honor life and each other.

Wellbeing ~ Self Awareness ~ Transformation ~ Community

group of multiethnic people gathering around female speaker in studio

Conscious Relating

What good is living if we cannot experience unconditional positive regard for our true selves and share it with each other? We do this by seeing and hearing one another as whole beings, practicing active listening and accepting and supporting each other exactly as they are, without judgment. We encourage authentic relating about what is real. It’s about what you are feeling and experiencing in the bodily felt sense. It’s about your actual thoughts and emotions in the moment. It’s about the nature of connectedness when you look into the eyes of another being and remain deeply aware of your own center.

Social Change

With education, community, and accountability, we can engage in difficult conversations and take action that can lead to social change. It has been done before, and it will happen again. It’s how society has changed not only laws, but cultural norms and expectations, leading to more acceptance and tolerance. This includes but not limited to, environmental change, racial justice, economic justice, and cultivating inclusivity to marginalized identities.

women sitting on chairs inside a room


We cultivate a greater relationship with the temple of our being — the body. This may be through song, dance, movement, chanting, or breathwork. Awakening to our embodiment in these ways, we start to learn how to make conscious choices based on the wisdom of our body.

Becoming a Witness

We practice letting go of fixed ideas of ourselves, others, and the world. We continually enter into the mystery of “not knowing”, setting aside fixed points of view. We honor this through awareness of our inner world.  It is where we can find security in our sense of self, the inherent interconnection of all living beings, and the place of the deepest rest where self-interest has not yet entered. The flow over stagnation of not favoring any one thing over another allows you to be within a boundless web of interconnection and to expand your circle of caring.


Emily Martin | Community Conversation Guide

Emily has been fascinated by human beings and in love with humanity since a very young age. Her story is one of learning to continually befriend and show up fully in her body. She recognizes that this world is big and messy, making it often scary to be fully here in our bodies and in our humanness.  She also sees the profound beauty that is possible when we choose, over and over again, to show up fully and in connection. Whether teaching yoga, guiding body image groups, or making music, she offers it in service of creating a world where we can all show up fully embodied in our humanness and in connection to one another and the world around us.

Raechel Morrow | Community Conversation Guide

Raechel provides a compassionate, empowering, and nurturing way to empower oneself to a greater level of healing than believed possible. Raechel has studied depth psychology and yoga for the past twenty years. After working in the field of trauma recovery for the last eight, she was overwhelmed with the profound understanding in the value of actively seeking what was lost from the trauma of colonization.  There is a disconnection to the soul in our culture which has led to emptiness and dismemberment. A sacrifice of body and soul to “getting the job done”. She teaches and facilitates the art of wandering, intuition, and the embodiment of deeply listening to one’s soul.

We are a 501 (3) ©, we are supported by donations and our generous donors. There is no cost to attend. Children welcome.