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Raechel Morrow | Co-Owner| M.A. Depth Psychology

Raechel provides a compassionate, empowering, and nurturing way to empower oneself to a greater level of healing than believed possible. Raechel has studied depth psychology and yoga for the past twenty years. After working in the field of trauma recovery for the last eight, she was overwhelmed with the profound understanding in the value of actively seeking what was lost from the trauma of colonization.  There is a disconnection to the soul in our culture which has led to emptiness and dismemberment. A sacrifice of body and soul to “getting the job done”. She teaches and facilitates the art of wandering, intuition, and the embodiment of deeply listening to one’s soul.

In her private practice, she uses somatic (body-based) techniques, drawing from a multi-disciplinary well of modalities that support the body’s intuitive and innate healing abilities. Her sacred work may include trauma-informed therapeutic yoga, emotional release, meditation/breathwork, bodywork, psychosocial-spiritual work, holistic counseling, energy work, intuitive coaching, and linking the mind and body to increase interoceptive pathways with yoga therapy.

Raechel works closely with women whose lives have been affected by childhood trauma, sexual assault, domestic violence, and disordered eating. Helping to reclaim what was lost.

Holistic Health Trainings and Certifications:

  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
  • 600 Hour Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
  • Seeking, 1000 Hour International Association of Yoga Therapy
  • 300-Hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator Training, The Trauma Center at JRI, Boston, MA
  • Certificate in Traumatic Health Studies, The Trauma Center at JRI, Boston, MA
  • Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Blue Heron Academy
Christine Sharp | Co-Owner of Institute | Licensed Massage Therapist | Yoga Therapist

Christine’s approach to health and healing is based on “holism,” the belief that there is more to a person than just the physical body. In her practice the “whole” person is taken into consideration. Christine brings twenty years of experience working with clients. In one of her sessions she draws from a multitude of modalities depending on what her client needs. This may include; medical massage, manual therapy, craniosacral therapy, maya abdominal therapy, naturopathy, yoga and mind body integration.

Holistic Health Trainings and Certifications:

  • E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance
  • Naturopathic Diploma, Blue Heron Academy
  • 300-Hour Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy
  • 1200 hour Massage Therapy
  • Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Blue Heron Academy
Andrea Sulak | Sacred Pathways, LLC

As a licensed psychotherapist for over 22 years, Andrea combines the traditional principles of humanistic psychology with the ancient teachings of the chakra system. Andrea believes that when energy gets stuck in the body and mind, whether it’s from trauma, painful experiences, or everyday stimuli in our lives, it causes patterns of unhealthy thoughts, and behaviors. If the stuck energy is not addressed, over time, this leads to an imbalance in the physical, emotional, energetic, intellectual and spiritual components of one self. Thus, resulting in a disconnection from one’s true divinity which is often experienced through physical illness, feelings of anxiety, depression, anger issues, low-self esteem and limiting beliefs.

She guides clients in the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and energetic healing of traumatic experiences that have negatively impacted life-force energy. Unlike traditional talk therapy, she uses a combination of humanistic therapy techniques, ancient teachings of the chakras, somatic therapy, guided meditation, mindfulness techniques, Chakradance™, and Reiki to help clients move back into alignment. Andrea’s number one passion in life is assisting individuals on their sacred path back to wholeness.

Visit her website for more information:
Call for a free 30 minute consultation: 616-635-8281

  1. 60 & 90 minute Psychotherapy session
  2. Nature Therapy 
  3. Chakra balancing 
  4. Reiki
  5. Chakradance™ private & group sessions 
  6. Public speaking & workshops
  7. Meditative movement classes 

Holistic Health Trainings and Certifications:

  • M.A. Humanistic Psychology
  • Certified Chakradance™ Facilitator 
  • Reiki Practitioner