Discover the 7 Chakras: Movements & Foods to Balance and Heal

Movements & Foods to Balance and Heal

Virtually from the comforts of your home

Do you often wonder why you feel not so well and question why?  What if you could possibly discover what’s causing you to feel this way by learning about your 7 Chakras (the 7 main energy points in our body), and how blocks or imbalances in these essential spinning “wheels”, caused by daily life stress, trauma, diet ,lack of movement, and past experiences can affect our natural flow and state of well-being.

By understanding what and where the cause(s) of our miss-alignments reside, we can make simple, but ever-lasting changes by eating specific foods, and align our body, mind, and spirit with appropriate asana (postures) that can rejuvenate and restore our natural flow of energy.

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In this 6-week course, you’ll discover what are the 7 Chakras, where they are located, learn about which one(s) may be the root cause of not maintaining a healthy homeostasis, and how certain foods and movements in accordance to the specific chakra can help improve your life.  We will explore specific asana, breathworks, meditations, mantras, mudras, oils, sounds, and colors all in coordination with a purposeful theme base intention to create transformation. You will receive recipe suggestions to cook yourself, full of specific appropriate spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables that can tune your diet into a beneficial balance in the imbalanced chakra.  Several writing prompts to inquire and note your discoveries and insights will be encouraged as you begin the journey to heal yourself during this grand quest to get the 7 wheels spinning.

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Week 1- What are the 7 Chakras?  Where are they located?  How they affect our well-being in relation to specific body parts.  How food, movements (asana) breathwork, meditation, mantra, mudras, oils, sounds, and colors take part in healing.  Chakra 1.  Related asana, breathwork, mediation, sound and color. 

Week 2- Chakra 2.  Theme is Befriend your Body.  Layers, body parts, and chakras.  Develop a relationship with Self and honor.  Become your best witness.

Week 3- Chakra 3.  Themes are Acceptance and Truth.  Learn no judgement upon discovery.  Let go of attachments.

Week 4- Chakra 4.  Theme is Attachment.  The barriers from achieving freedom.  Develop healthy rituals.

Week 5- Chakra 5.  Themes are Edge and Live Your Truth.  Facing new perspectives in life. Being physically, mentally, and emotionally moved.  What is Purusha vs. Prakriti? Practice vulnerability, courage, trust, confidence, truth and acceptance.

Week 6- Chakra 6 and 7.  Themes are Self Compassion and Wisdom.  Welcoming the next moment.  What informs your choice and why. 

This class is held VIRTUALLY from the comfort of your home.

Sunday Night’s May 16,23,30 June 6,13, 20 5:30 PM-7:30 PM

Kelley Rasch | Instructor

Kelley received her yoga teacher training through the Body Mind Being Institute. She is passionate about helping her students find Who they are and their purpose in the world. Through her own discovery  she embodies her truth.  She learned to care for herself and reclaim the strong, joyful woman who existed deep inside.  She is a lover of mother nature, plants, flowers, and being outdoors. She is a mother of two beautiful children and has lived and studied abroad for over 15 years in Spain and Costa Rica loving different cultures and traveling the world Spanish is a second language.