Men’s Meditation: Level 1

Dr. Brandon Yuenger, PT, CDPT, CIDN

Dr. Brandon is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in treating chronic pain.  He’s learned a lot over the years but the thing that stays with him most is that people with chronic conditions aren’t being seen as a person but as a diagnosis by our medical system.  In his experience, people thrive when there is harmony of mind, body and spirit.  He’s seen many chronic conditions become just a memory for many people who were once so consumed by a diagnosis that it had begun to define them.  He recognizes that people are more than a diagnosis, more than collection of tissues and more than their trauma.  He believes growth and healing are a part of being human but also recognizes it’s hard sometimes.  He sees his job as an opportunity to help clear the barriers to healing so one can thrive.

Classes held November 9th – December 14th, 7 – 8:30pm


(Only $25/class)

What comes with the Course

  • 5 Classes to help you establish your mindful practice
  • Mentorship with a skilled yoga practitioner

Meditation is one of the most valuable and, too frequently, underused modality in health care.  It has the potential of uncovering the root of disease which is frequently unresolved trauma.  Our bodies are a storage facility for our memories that are often too painful to allow ourselves to feel in the moment.  This system of meditation has proven effective with men who have experienced emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse including sex trafficking.  The first step is to calm the mind and body.  That is the focus of this course.

Our ability to calm and regulate our nervous system is instrumental in our abilities to uncover our trauma, process it and live a happy life.  Like all good habits, it’s not easy to start.  In this 5 week online course you will learn the essentials of building your own meditative practice.  You’ll learn the scientific research on meditation and how meditation affects your nervous system.  You’ll also learn your spiritual anatomy and how trauma stays with us.  We will discuss blocks to effective practice and how those blocks can inform us of the action steps we need to take in our daily lives.  Be prepared to connect with your body and learn to have more control over how you feel!

You’ll need a comfortable place to relax and an open mind.  This can include soft music, scented candles or essential oil diffuser, dim lighting, heavy blanket and a soft place to lay.

(Level 2 will be this winter)