Being Grace

In these challenging times, are you finding it hard to be free from fear, anxiety, and worry? Do you feel it is hard to be the open hearted person you know you truly are? Have you been disconnected from your whole self? Have you gotten stuck amid constant fears and frustrations that cut you off from joy? Do you yearn to love and live more deeply but just can’t? If you answered yes to any of these questions this course is for you!

You deserve to live the best life possible. To do this you need the tools for managing life’s inevitable challenges, the ability to cope with stress, anxiety related symptoms, heal trauma through resiliency and change, and engage in the total process of healing that looks at the whole person.

Don’t miss out, we begin January 6-February 24


Being Grace was born out of a deep understanding about the trauma that exists in the world we are living in today. Your chronic stress, fear, sadness, anxiety, addiction, and trauma response are your body’s emotional systems communicating that your fundamental needs are not being met. We have no idea how to “be,” to fully be in our bodies, be with our emotions without getting entangled by them, and free ourselves from the constant narratives in our minds.


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10 Live Zoom Sessions, Including embodiment, teaching, breath work, and meditation
+ 2 Bonus Audios

Change your energy

6 practices and meditations corresponding to weekly teaching.

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Resiliency and change

Weekly PDF’s, teaching and journals.

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Access to Instructor and peers for empowerment and transformation.

Begin the Journey

  • Session with the facilitator

Being Grace Course Curriculum

In this 8-week course, you will learn and experience seven limitless qualities of being.


In weeks one and two, we learn to create peacefulness from the inside out, rather than outside in. You will learn to master your nervous system, no longer seeking your peace from the outside. These weeks will also focus on learning and practicing resiliency, breathwork, and trauma-informed yoga, remaining in direct experience in body and breath.

Re-Connection to Body and Self

Weeks three and nine center on the lesson that suffering comes when we forget who we are in our essence: a vital, loving presence. In these sessions, we begin to build our understanding of mindfulness and the valuable role in helping us realize our true selves. You will learn to cultivate your body as alive and energetic, and to take the time to befriend and become fully present in your body. You will gain authority and confidence to live who you are by reclaiming lost parts of yourself.

Acceptance and Awareness

In weeks four and five, you will learn to befriend sadness, fear, and worry to gain insight, wisdom, and resiliency. These sessions will help you deepen your self-care practice and develop an awareness and meditation practice that serves you. We will explore many types of awareness practices that allows you to feel acceptance over struggle and love over fear. What if you naturally chose gentle acceptance of yourself and others over harsh judgment?


What if you could learn to embrace the full spectrum of your experience with unconditional positive regard, openness, and kindness? What if you extended that love, compassion, and joyfulness to your home, workplace, and community, creating a ripple effect that ultimately benefits the entire globe? Weeks six and seven focus on learning how to open your heart, be vulnerable, and stay present to whatever arises in your being.

Embodiment and Empowerment

Weeks eight and ten are spent mostly in movement and engaging in our experiential process or inquiry to begin to feel your natural way of being. The bodily aspects of who and how you naturally are meant to be. Practice being a living being over a thinking being. These weeks we address trauma through resiliency and action to live your truth.

What People Are Saying about Being Grace

“I have referred back to the handbook several times since completing the course and continue to journal about ideas/thoughts that rose to the surface during the class. I have found that I take some of the concepts that were introduced/practiced and use them as my intention when practicing at home. I am grateful for the content that I learned. It definitely left a lasting impression on me.” — Victoria

“Taking this course through my employer has allowed me to feel more empowered at work. I feel I have real tangible tools of resiliency I can use to keep myself balanced. The pay-off is I get to share this content with my clients!” — Kay

BEING GRACE was absolutely the most perfect course for me.  I was recovering from a concussion and on exercise restrictions. The yoga was healing and I also needed to take time for ME and give myself the GRACE to heal.  As a result, I have more compassion for myself and others.  I was able to do some soul searching, open up my heart and make space for transformation.” — Martha



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Being Grace