Free Live Stream Classes For reawakening

Classes held now through January 7th. Excluding 24th, 31st.

TO PREPARE FOR THE SEASON OF SANKAPLA: REAWAKENING AND REBIRTH, A TIME OF NEW BEGINNINGS. Our intention is to provide time to begin this preparation through kriyas , meditation, asana, and inquiry. This is preparatory work for your heart as you move into the next season.

Reawaken and Thrive with Raechel Morrow

  • Wednesday’s 9:30am-10:30am

Start by moving your energy through Kriyas: action with your energy. To release and balance energy. Set an Intention. Be present in your breath and body while deeply listening. Practice taking care of yourself from the inside.

Includes Kriyas, light flow, breath, relaxation, meditation, deep listening, and embodied mindfulness.

All Levels

Reawaken and Empower with Kelley Rasch

  • Thursday’s 6:30pm-7:30pm

Start by moving your energy through array of yoga asana (postures) practices, pranayama (breath) work, meditations, expansive journaling insights, and many other integration inquiries. These classes stem from the 8-limbs of Yoga, the Yamas, and Niyamas; ethical and moral yogic approaches to live your life by empowering you to connect your authentic Self.

All Levels

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