Chakra wellness Class

Friday April 30th, 7:00pm-8:15pm

Cost $35.00 per person, space is limited to 7 participants. Pre-registration is required.

Wellbeing ~ Self Awareness ~ Transformation ~ Community

Now more than ever we need to gently and safely flow back into a state of balance. Movement, meditation and working with the chakra system is a comprehensive and powerful way to experience psychological wellness.
This course will include a teaching on the psychology of chakras and an Introduction to Chakradance™. You will learn about the different developmental stages of each chakra and how to identify if your chakras are out of balance; whether or not they operating as excessive energy or deficient energy. Out of balanced chakras can wreak havoc upon your life. 
As a way to bring your chakras back into balance you will then be guided through the 7 Chakras using guided meditation, mandala art and specific music formulated to balance each chakra. The course begins with the root chakra and moves upward ending at the crown chakra.
Participating in this Chakra Wellness class will help you to become more in tune with your own energy system, empowering you to activate our own inner healer and experience more freedom in everyday life. 
No previous dance experience required.

Andrea Sulak is a Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist who specializes in Energy Psychology. She has been certified as a  Chakradance™ since 2012.

Covid Safety: MAX 7 participants. Bring your own yoga mat. The mats will be placed 10 feet apart from other participants.  Masks required