The Body Mind Being Institute provides an integrated approach to health and wellness. Our approach is based on empowerment and embodiment. We bring the ancient insights of yoga as a science and art into modern wellness programs, along with medical and mental health knowledge.

Wellbeing ~ Self Awareness ~ Transformation ~ Community

What does it mean to Embody Equity?

For each of us, embodying equity will feel different based on our experiences, social identity, and truth. In this workshop we will make space for you to answer that question for yourself through embodiment practice, education, reflection, and community.  

Yoga means union.  This workshop goes beyond the individuals connection of body and mind to explore what union means for your relationship with social justice, equity, diversity, and deep intentional inclusion. In our world today there are many structures in place that make it difficult to understand and discuss issues of inequality such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and classism. In this workshop we will focus on how we can stay present to  issues that create violence, oppression, dehumanization, and division, and work to bring union into our Self,  our relationships, and our work in the world. This workshop will support healing professionals who want to build awareness and stamina to address structures of division and violence in a way that aligns with their individual truth.

When: May 1st, 2021


Where: Streamed Live on Zoom or In-Person

Cost:  $ 119 per person


Education: You will gain a deeper understanding of the web of trauma and separation between human beings and how we all are impacted by social systems that live outside of our bodies. We will examine systems of inequity based on social identity have been created to give privileges to some, and deny them to others. We will discuss the psychophysiology of trauma, and how the nervous system experiences the disconnection of inequity, and toxic hierarchy. We will interact with the fact that all systems that separate us are social constructs. We will learn about how inequity manifests structurally, organizationally, and individually. (60 minutes)

Embodiment: We will bring awareness to direct experiences of our bodies, thoughts, and intuition in relation to the trauma of toxic hierarchy and inequity through the embodied practices of body scans, tonglen, embodied experience, subtle energy inquiries, and guided ancestor meditations. (60 minutes)

Connection to Self: We will integrate our experiences of mind and body through a process of writing your deep story to build clarity for your true self. Tools will be offered for accountability, self-compassion, boundaries, and discernment to support you to integrate your experience into your life. (60 minutes- 15 minutes of structure/45minutes personal reflection writing)

Connection to Community:

We will finish this workshop by bringing connection to our stories with safe, supported space to share in structured listening pairs. (30 minutes- zoom breakouts)

To complete this workshop we will enter into a full group circle to support one another in accountability to integrate equity and compassion into everyday life.

Your Host: Erin Reed

Meet Your Host Erin Reed

Erin, is proud to serve as a Senior Trainer for Starr Commonwealth and as the founder of
Sacred Being Yoga. Erin lives by the deep belief that all beings are sacred, and she is dedicated to making space for people to experience their sacred wholeness in connection to Self and the universe. Erin began her journey with studying, practicing, and teaching yoga and mindfulness 23 years ago. More recently in 2018, Erin earned her 300 hour trauma sensitive yoga teacher certification from
Grand Rapids Healing Yoga, and in 2020 she earned an additional 300 hours of training to be
certified as a yoga therapy practitioner by the Body Mind Being Institute. Erin has guided trauma
sensitive yoga practices for trauma survivors in both group and individuals. Erin is passionate
about living Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of a beloved community.

Meet Your Co-Host Candy Pendergraft 

Candy is a healer, reiki master, and intuitive alignment coach! As owner of The Light Garden, a holistic health space, Candy helps women who are feeling stuck in various aspects of life by aligning with their discovered core values and learning to trust and honor their true selves. 

In addition, Candy currently works in the areas of foster care, substance use disorders, and at-risk teens throughout Metro Detroit as a contractual social worker. 

Though she has a range of experience working with different populations under her social work degree, it’s her own personal upbringing that has inspired her passion for facilitating healing within racialized trauma and social justice efforts. As a black and white biracial woman raised between two strained households, a deeper desire was created to understand the fears and traumas that fueled that strain and build connection between the two experiences. This shows up in her work through deep compassion, patience, and authenticity. 

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