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*** All Classes are online until further notice, however relationship will be our first priority.

“It all gets to be here!”

Being G.R.A.C.E

In these challenging times, are you finding it hard to be free from fear, anxiety, and worry? Do you feel it is hard to be the open-hearted person you know you truly are? Have you been disconnected from your whole self? Have you gotten stuck amid constant fears and frustrations that cut you off from joy? Do you yearn to love and live more deeply but just can’t? If you answered yes to any of these questions this course is for you!

You deserve to live the best life possible. To do this you need the tools for managing life’s inevitable challenges, the ability to cope with stress, anxiety related symptoms, heal trauma through resiliency and change, and engage in the total process of healing that looks at the whole person.

Don’t miss out, we begin January 6. 9am-11am BEGIN THE TRANSFORMATION!

Being Empowered and Transformed

With Kelley Rasch

Take a moment and look at yourself in a mirror, reflect on your life for a short moment. Do you recognize and connect with who you are looking at? Do you have doubt, questions, or mistrust in your real inner voice over your demanding ego? Are you feeling lost, weak, angry, and overwhelmed by what’s happening in your own life amongst all the uncertainties in our not-so-certain world? Are you seeking how to re-discover your naturally attuned Self, but can’t quite figure out where the strength would ever possibly come from?

If this speaks to you emotionally, you are ready beyond your belief for embracing your truth, your joy, to live your life feeling alive and empowered. Yoga can bring transformation when you have a more profound awareness of which choice best serves your uniqueness. Through consistent practice, learn the essential tools to aid in the re-connection to your authentic Self. With your mentor’s support and a connected community, you can have all the confidence and power, your birthright.

Practice in Action:






Our live on-line six weeks course, via Zoom, includes a workshop of an array of yoga asana (postures) practices, pranayama (breath) work, meditations, expansive journaling insights, and many other integration inquiries. Included in each course are themed intention settings, stemming from the 8-limbs of Yoga, the Yamas, and Niyamas; ethical and moral yogic approaches to live your life by empowering you to connect your authentic Self.

Thursday’s October 22nd-December 3. 7:00 pm-9:00 pm

About Kelley:

Kelley received her yoga teacher training through the Body Mind Being Institute. She is passionate about helping her students find Who they are and their purpose in the world. Through her own discovery  she embodies her truth.  She learned to care for herself and reclaim the strong, joyful woman who existed deep inside.  She is a lover of mother nature, plants, flowers, and being outdoors. She is a mother of two beautiful children and has lived and studied abroad for over 15 years in Spain and Costa Rica loving different cultures and traveling the world Spanish is a second language.

Mindfulness For Anxiety and Stress Reduction

With Anamaria Pogacean Lorson LPC, CAADC, CCTP, ADS

A 4-Week Online Program

Are you:

  • Interested in learning what mindfulness is and how it can benefit you?
  • Curious to learn how mindfulness can fit into your life?
  • Hesitant to commit to a longer program?
  • Experiencing mindfulness and which tools will serve you the best?
  • Interested in mentorship and relationship?
  • Eager to explore a variety of practices in a condensed format?

Below are some of the things that this course will offer. The first course will focus on 4 personalized tools to help you remain calm, centered, supported and respond in a mindful way to stress and anxiety. The following class will teach the “4 A’s” of stress and we will discover our own power in addressing anxiety and stress and also our own patterns that keep us locked in a stress response. We use mindfulness to stop habitual responses to stress and develop responses that are aligned with our needs and goals. In the third class we will focus on befriending anxiety and working with its wisdom. We will use mindfulness and embodiment and begin to learn how to listen to our fears in a compassionate way.  We will reconnect with ourselves and listen to our needs and meet our needs in a caring manner. In the last class we will reconnect with resources that are within us that will give us a sense of strength and empowerment to face our challenges in life. 

This class encourages creativity in all its forms, as our experiences can be translated in many different ways.  I would encourage to have a notebook close by a notebook, coloring pens, headphones and space around you. 

Remember that this will be your experience, your inquiry into your hidden gems that are right within you.

Walk a mindful path with us…

Thursdays November 4 – December 3



About Anamaria:

Anamaria was born and raised in Romania and brings old-world wisdom and traditions in the healing space. She   embodies a balance of the Eastern and Western influences and philosophies.  She graduated from Babes Bolyai University, Romania with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and from Western Michigan University with a Master’s of Arts – Counseling Education/ Community Counseling – (Specialty Alcohol and Drug Abuse). She has and has 12-year experience working in a variety of settings. Anamaria also completed extensive trainings in Trauma, Anxiety disorder, Vipassana meditation course, Postpartum depression and anxiety disorders, Trauma informed Yoga, SAFE EMDR, mindfulness and somatic experiencing. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, and an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist. 

Anamaria is engaged in a Mindfulness teacher training that focuses on bringing mindfulness meditation and compassion back into our communities, back into our families.  Her passion is to help each individual to reconnect to their own power of healing and coping, and to empower them to share it with others they love or their children.  Based her cultural and tribal values she believes that knowledge and wisdom should not be a privilege but should be accessible and available to those that need it the most. 

Four interactive classes!$39
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Men’s Meditation: Level 1

Dr. Brandon Yuenger, PT, CDPT, CIDN

Men’s Meditation Level 1: 

November 9th-December 14th

7:00 pm -8:30 pm

Meditation is one of the most valuable and, too frequently, underused modality in health care.  Meditation has the potential of uncovering the root of disease which is frequently unresolved trauma.  Our bodies are a storage facility for our memories that are often too painful to allow ourselves to feel in the moment.  This system of meditation has proven effective with men who have experienced emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse including sex trafficking.  The first step is to calm the mind and body.  That is the focus of this course.

Our ability to calm and regulate our nervous system is instrumental in our abilities to uncover our trauma, process it and live a happy life.  Like all good habits, it’s not easy to start.  In this 6 week online course you will learn the essentials of building your own meditative practice.  You’ll learn the scientific research on meditation and how meditation affects your nervous system.  You’ll also learn your spiritual anatomy and how trauma stays with us.  We will discuss blocks to effective practice and how those blocks can inform us of the action steps we need to take in our daily lives.  Be prepared to connect with your body and learn to have more control over how you feel!

You’ll need a comfortable place to relax and an open mind.  This can include soft music, scented candles or essential oil diffuser, dim lighting, heavy blanket and a soft place to lay.

(Level 2 will be this winter)

About Brandon:

 I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy. My specialty is treating chronic pain.  I’ve learned a lot over the years but the thing that stays with me most is that people with chronic conditions aren’t being seen as a person but as a diagnosis by our medical system.  In my experience people thrive when there is harmony of mind, body and spirit.  I’ve seen many chronic conditions become just a memory for many people who were once so consumed by a diagnosis that it had begun to define them.  I recognize that we are more than a diagnosis, more than collection of tissues and more than our trauma.  I believe growth and healing are a part of being human but I recognize it’s hard sometimes.  My job is to help clear the barriers to healing so you can thrive.