As we find ourselves in a new world, we are seeking ways to restore, repair, and stay in a state of balance. Movement, meditation and working with the chakra system are a comprehensive and powerful way to heal. We utilize Chakradance™ as a way to move into a state of alignment with our body, mind, and soul. This healing series will guide you weekly through one of the 7 Chakras using guided meditation, mandala art, sound therapy, and dance.

September 13th 2021-October 28th, 2021 (no class Sept 30th)

You will experience the grounding of the root chakra during week one, and move upward ending at the crown chakra. Each week, we will highlight a particular chakra, which means you will learn too! All people are encouraged to sign up. No previous dance experience required.

Meet Your Guide

Andrea guides clients in the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and energetic healing of traumatic experiences that have negatively impacted life-force energy. Unlike traditional talk therapy, she uses a combination of humanistic therapy techniques, ancient teachings of the chakras, somatic therapy, guided meditation, mindfulness techniques, Chakradance™, and Reiki to help clients move back into alignment. Andrea’s number one passion in life is assisting individuals on their sacred path back to wholeness.

As a licensed psychotherapist for over 22 years, Andrea combines the traditional principles of humanistic psychology with the ancient teachings of the chakra system. Andrea believes that when energy gets stuck in the body and mind, whether it’s from trauma, painful experiences, or everyday stimuli in our lives, it causes patterns of unhealthy thoughts, and behaviors. If the stuck energy is not addressed, over time, this leads to an imbalance in the physical, emotional, energetic, intellectual and spiritual components of one self. Thus, resulting in a disconnection from one’s true divinity which is often experienced through physical illness, feelings of anxiety, depression, anger issues, low-self esteem and limiting beliefs.