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Mind Body Magic is a membership-based full-spectrum wellness portal.

Dive deep into self-healing with guidance rooted in traditional naturopathy, somatic work, emotions, subconscious beliefs and energetics.

Color Stain

Join Kara Monday’s. This is more about moving with the flow of your body and mind than it is about dancing. Which means if you feel like you’re not a good dancer, that doesn’t matter. If the thought of showing up on Monday takes hold of you in anyway, but your mind reacts like photo number two, pay more attention to the intrigue, come on out, and let’s see what unfolds. Dancing with intention with community is repeatedly a beautiful, life-giving experience. I’d love to have you there.

Classes are $20 per drop in or 5-session pass for $75.Venmo @kara-McNabb or PayPal or CashApp $karamcnabb22 to register. Or send me a message to let me know you’ll be there and bring cash or check. Mondays starting June 21

You’ll be offered comprehensive resources to navigate your physical, emotional and energetic health naturally and holistically.

From natural medicine, like herbalism, flower essences and homeopathy to navigating your limiting subconscious beliefs, cultivating your felt sense, and working with energy medicine, you’ll be offered myriad experiential and informational resources for one full year to find more truth and freedom.

Each month we’ll focus on different aspects of natural health, like food, environmental toxins and remedies, along with various systems for deepening self-awareness, like the Enneagram and embodied personality patterns. You’ll learn a few ways to self-assess, like muscle testing, and get to hear holistic perspectives in-depth on various health issues.

Through video, writing, practices and live Q&A, you’ll receive full-spectrum wisdom and knowledge to power your pursuit of wellness.

Content will be delivered throughout the course of 12 months, and membership is only $22 per month.

Your guide, Kara McNabb, pulls from nearly a decade of training and personal experience to help you connect to tried and true methods of healing, AND you’ll have her as a resource to navigate the experience. Here are just some of the people and lineages Kara has studied extensively with:

• Traditional Naturopathy with Naturopathic Institute for Therapies and Education instructors

• Energetics with Lynda Caesara and Norma Ramos-Ott

• Psychospiritual Healing with Micah McLaughlin

• Vis Dialogue Holistic Counseling with Dr. Moshe Block

• Western Herbalism with Jim McDonald

• Somatic Therapies with Mike Cohen

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