Advanced Yoga Study Certifications

Do you desire to hold sacred space for yourself and authentically for others, to release trauma and false stories and be embodied to reclaim trapped joy ? If you answered YES then our advanced yoga study certifications are for YOU.

200 Hour Yoga Certification | In Studio or Immersion Registration OPEN |

Our modular program allows you to take classes at your own pace and when they fit into your busy life. Each Level allows for elective credits that allow you to customize your education to match your dharma. Our Level I in studio certification is equivalent to a 200-RYT with Yoga Alliance. Our Level I and Level II programs will have two training tracts that a student can follow. The In Studio tract will offer a 2-day Michigan based weekend retreat. The price of the Michigan retreat is built into your registration for the Level I training.

300 Hour Yoga Certification | In Studio or Immersion Registration OPEN |

A personalized modular training certification is designed with you in mind. Our Level-II Body Mind Being 300 Hour Yoga Certification continues on learning a scientific system thousands of years old for helping us manage our daily obstacles and patterns. Strengthening your students’ awareness of the subtle body and innate wisdom with asana, pranayama, energy medicine and meditation. Better understand the koshas as layers of form and consciousness. We provide a comprehensive education in ancient healing Indian traditions through the pre-classical and classic yoga traditions, with elements of contemporary body-mind psychology. Our program is for practitioners serious about initiating change in their life and in the world.

350 Hour Yoga Certification | Registration is OPEN

This course provides the tools to guide your clients deep into themselves, to find their own answers for the disconnect within. This training is appropriate for the professional who is tired of scratching the surface with their clients, or who wants to branch out into the emerging field of yoga therapy.

At the Body Mind Being Institute we acknowledge that each person is unique, with a unique history and energy in body, mind, and spirit. Most healing professionals desire to help their clients but are trained in modalities that compartmentalize and superficially treat a person. The healing process we offer is one of exploration of self and discovery, taking into account the unique nature of the individual.  Yoga therapy is a complete mind body spirit therapeutic modality that utilizes all the tools of yoga. This training includes asana, meditation, pranayama, energy healing, koshas, shadow work, neuroscience, Ayurveda, psychology, and spirituality.

Trauma Informed Yoga Educator TIYE-100 ® | Hybrid Registration Closed Look for 2022 Dates Coming Soon

This training includes evidence based protocols for working with trauma
survivors and those directly or indirectly affected by trauma. These
protocols are currently used/taught in yoga studios, hospitals, wellness
centers, other health care facilities, prisons, and addiction centers,
mental-health facilities, both as stand-alone programs and as a
complementary mental health modality. Learn how to facilitate private
Trauma Sensitive Equity Centered Yoga sessions or integrate yoga into
your current profession and offerings. We serve as a witness along one’s unique journey.

What People Say

This teacher training is like no other.  It offers an approach to yoga classes that cater to an under-served population in our community and those that have or are experiencing trauma. Raechel and Betsy bring an abundance of experience, wisdom, and an authenticity to this program that is far beyond my expectations.

Tamara R.

I was hoping to add tools to my teaching toolbox and become trauma-informed. I did not expect the positive transformation it would bring to my whole life. I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner for 22 years. This training made space for me to go all the way to the center of myself in a way that I had never experienced before.

Erin R.

This training went above and beyond my expectations. Raechel and Betsy do a lovely job of combining structure with creative freedom. The focus on embodied experience was amazing and changed my view on what yoga can be for someone. I feel this training gave me the tools for self compassion and changed me as a person.

Grace L.

If we can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us