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Discover The 7 Chakras: Movements & Foods to Balance and Heal | May

In this 6-week course, you’ll discover what are the 7 Chakras, where they are located, learn about which one(s) may be the root cause of not maintaining a healthy homeostasis, and how certain foods and movements in accordance to the specific chakra can help improve your life.  We will explore specific asana, breathworks, meditations, mantras, mudras, oils, sounds, and colors all in coordination with a purposeful theme base intention to create transformation. You will receive recipe suggestions to cook yourself, full of specific appropriate spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables that can tune your diet into a beneficial balance in the imbalanced chakra.  Several writing prompts to inquire and note your discoveries and insights will be encouraged as you begin the journey to heal yourself during this grand quest to get the 7 wheels spinning.

Silent Retreat | June 6th, 2021 9am-4:00pm

Have you noticed the amount of noise and energy surrounding you every day? The pressures to do and achieve more and more. Add to that all the internal noise—stress relationships, responsibilities, and mostly the conditioning that we all have to be anywhere but HERE. The stream of consciousness in your head stuck thinking about an interaction you had earlier, a disagreement with your partner, and sheer suffering from the  narrative “I am not good enough”. You try to silence all this noise inside only to find your sticky mind there again!

Messages From the Body: Yoga for Chronic Pain | May

Sometimes our bodies are trying to tell us something. When we are in a continuous state of pain, we become hyper-aware of our own suffering, shining the spotlight of awareness on uncomfortable physical sensations. Your pain is REAL, but it does not mean you must suffer. If this calls to you, please join us. We will practice trauma-informed yoga, breathwork, and meditation to inquire upon your suffering with kindness and curiosity, all the while creating a small group of support, for you are not alone in this journey.

Chakra Wellness | Friday June 4th, 6pm-8pm

Now more than ever we need to gently and safely flow back into a state of balance. Movement, meditation and working with the chakra system is a comprehensive and powerful way to experience psychological wellness.
This course will include a teaching on the psychology of chakras and an Introduction to Chakradance™. You will learn about the different developmental stages of each chakra and how to identify if your chakras are out of balance; whether or not they operating as excessive energy or deficient energy. Out of balanced chakras can wreak havoc upon your life. 

Breathwork | Sunday, June 13, 5:00pm – 6:00pm & Sunday, June 27, 5:00pm – 6:00pm 

Breathwork is a very effective method for alleviating stress, anxiety, insomnia, and many other conditions that disrupt our lives.  Learn how to manage your wellness, with this simple, yet powerful tool.  Breathwork will enable you to relax your body to rid yourself of stress and negative emotions, as well as calm your mind for a sense of well-being and clarity. Please come prepared to lie on your back and breathe in a circular, rhythmic pattern for about thirty minutes.  You will then transition to a place of deep relaxation and meditation.  You will be supported throughout the process with specific coaching, music, and personal attention.

Anxiety Alchemy | 9 Week Series October 6-December 1 2021

Anxiety Alchemy was created to support women to move away from a linear “fix it” approach to healing, and into living a life that honors their innate wisdom.

If you want to prioritize sacred soul connection in your life…If you’re ready to transform your relationship with anxiety and your body… Then Anxiety Alchemy is for you.